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Gary Lamb


Gary Lamb has worked in several occupations over the years, including building construction, farming, carpentry, high school teaching, manufacturing, fundraising, magazine publishing, and more. He cofounded and edited of The Threefold Review, an independent magazine for the study of social issues in the light of Anthroposophy. He is currently co-director of the Center for Social Research (CSR) in Hawthorne Valley, New York. He does research through the Ethical Technology Initiative.

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Author's Books

Rudolf Steiner’s Perspectives on Technology Series 1

A Road to Sacred Creation

Rudolf Steiner's Perspectives on Technology

Rudolf Steiner
Introduction and notes by Gary Lamb
Edited by Gary Lamb
Drawings by Michael Howard

On the Wings of Words

Conversations and Human Relations: Inner Aspects of the Fundamental Social Law and The Threefold Social Organism

Rudolf Steiner
Commentaries by Gary Lamb
Compiled by Gary Lamb