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Ellen Schalk


Ellen Schalk was born in Stuttgart shortly before the Nazis came to power in Germany. As a teenager, she experienced the ravages wrought by World War II, after which she studied mathematics, geography, and geology at the Technical College in Stuttgart, where she encountered Anthroposophy. Later, through her anthroposophic studies, met Ernst Bindel, whom Rudolf Steiner had asked to teach mathematics at the original Waldorf school in Stuttgart. In 1961, Ernst Bindel invited Ms. Schalk to teach mathematics at the Waldorf school, where she became a teacher. On sabbatical leave from the school in 1976, she met Werner Greub and became interested in his research into the historical and geographical background of the Grail events, which he later published in his book Wolfram von Eschenbach and the Reality of the Grail. Through her studies, and with the encouragement of Werner Greub, she penetrated deeper into the mysteries of the stellar script of the Parsifal story. Today, she lives in a retirement home in Stuttgart and loves to play piano and flute, and occasionally plays the organ for special occasions at the Christian Community church.

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