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The Christmas Angels

September 2008
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    25th September 2008
  • ISBN 9780863156625
  • Language English
  • Pages 32 pp.

It is Christmas Eve, and most people are safely tucked in their beds. However, the Christmas angels know who needs help on this holy night, and they are ready to fly down to help those who are lost, lonely, and weary.

Small children will love the row of cutout angel heads that reveal the features of each little angel. This is a beautiful and inspiring picture book that heralds the Christmas message of loving kindness with every page.

(Ages 3–6)

“An old-fashioned aura seeps from the gently colored illustrations of this inspiring tale. It is about angels who are ready to fly down to earth to help the lost, the lonely, and the weary. Children love the cut-out angels' heads which reveal the features of each one in turn—and the paper is sufficiently strong to withstand a great deal of handling.” —Carousel Christmas Guide to Children's Books

“This book is delightfully illustrated with a cut-out of each angel's head on every page ... Children will learn an important lesson from this book and understand that the overriding message of Christmas is to be good to others.... The rhyming sentences are lovely to read.” —Creative Steps magazine

Else Wenz-Viëtor

Else Wenz-Viëtor (1882-1973) was probably the best known children’s book illustrator in 1920s and 1930s Germany. She was born in Sorau, now in western Poland, and it was from her grandfather that she acquired her love of plants and animals which would become favorite themes in her pictures. In 1903, she illustrated the first of more than 150 books. She also worked as a freelance artist in the interior design industry.