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In the Land of Fairies

May 2013
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    24th May 2013
  • ISBN 9780863159947
  • Language English
  • Pages 24 pp.
  • Size 9.75" x 7"

In the land of fairies the seasons fly by as the fairies dance with butterflies, sing with birds and watch over their animal friends. This magical tale, told with enchanting and detailed illustrations, will be treasured for a lifetime. In full color.

(Ages 3-6)

“Dwarfed by dormice and owls, moth-like fairies, flit about the pages of this colorful book. Depicting the seasons, each page is framed by flowers and is painted in soft, bewitching water colors.”

Frances Perkins, Bournemouth Daily Echo, Mar. 13, 2004

Daniela Drescher

Daniela Drescher is an internationally acclaimed author and illustrator from Munich, Germany. Daniela was a children’s painting and drawing therapist for ten years, using her own poetry in her therapeutic work. Now the creator of more than 30 children’s books, Daniela still draws the fairies and elves she imagined as a child. Her work is inspired by nature and her wish to engage children with the natural world.

In addition to books, Daniela’s artwork appears on stationery, homeware, and fabric. Her best-known books available in English include In the Land of Fairies, the Little Fairy stories, and the Pippa and Pelle board books.

Daniela is also the illustrator of stunning fairytale anthologies, including An Illustrated Treasury of Grimm's Fairy Tales (2013) and An Illustrated Treasury of Dwarfs, Gnomes and Fairy Folk (2022).