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I Connecting

The Soul's Quest

January 2008
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  • Publisher
    Goldenstone Press
  • Published
    1st January 2008
  • ISBN 9780977982530
  • Language English
  • Pages 208 pp.

Kristina Kaine invites the reader into the riches of becoming a participant-observer in the life of soul and spirit. Her book goes beyond describing "the way it is" and encourages the reader to discover how the gaps in meaning that we all experience are caused by a lack of contact with the inner life. Nevertheless, this is not a book of meditative practices that one does in the confines of one's room, only to find that such practices don't seem to measure up to the requirements of real life. Rather, her book helps us sense the inner qualitative nature of subjective experiences at the center of our busy and practical lives—though they frequently go unnoticed.

By gaining an abiding interest in the rich texture of inner life, one begins to notice that something—some presence like wisdom—illuminates that inner life, individualizing it so that one feels personally, though not egoistically, connected with the inner mysteries. This more permanent core of our being gives us our sense of destiny and purpose in life, directing us toward a more meaningful future.

I Connecting and the clear practices suggested help the reader make a shift toward being more present, more available, and more open.

"Kristina Kaine has distilled from the profound wisdom of masters and of her own considerable experience a guidebook of immense value in pursuing the pearl of great price, the name that no one knows except the one who receives it, the I Am." Every human soul stands in need of this name, and our world cries out for the ennoblement of those who make this quest." —Edward Reaugh Smith, author, The Burning Bush and The Soul's Long Journey

"This book is amazing! It has clarified so much for me that I have been struggling to comprehend. Her simple and clear way of describing concepts and practices has allowed me to put many of them into immediate practice in my life. This book is essential reading." —Amanda Gore, motivational speaker and author, You Can Be Happy: The Essential Guide to a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

"Kristina Kaine has the marvelous ability to express clearly and concisely the inner human mystery in a most practical and experiential way. I recommend her book to anyone with a sincere desire to explore and expand their own soul." —Andrew Flaxman, founder, Educate Yourself for Tomorrow

Kristina Kaine

Kristina Kaine has always had a curiosity about what makes people tick. In her own human resources business, she developed methods of assessing people on an inner level, so that compatible people could be referred to one another. For more than twenty-five years, she also studied what others have to say about the human soul and spirit. Her book is the result of that research, experience, and observation. From her quest to find the "I" at the center of the soul, Kristina has been able to provide a thoughtful and practical guide, I Connecting, as well as Soul Questing workshops to support the work in her groundbreaking book.