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Authentic Parenting

A Four-Temperaments Guide to Understanding Your Child and Yourself

October 2013
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  • Published
    28th October 2013
  • ISBN 9781621480464
  • Language English
  • Pages 116 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

Knowing others is wisdom.
Knowing yourself is Enlightenment.
Mastering others is force;
Mastering yourself is Power.

   —Lao Tzu

Are you finding it difficult to understand your child? Do you feel frustrated because you often end up in an argument but not sure about how you got there? Authentic Parenting can help.

By gaining insight into how your temperament and your child’s temperament could be in conflict with each other, you can lean how to work with both yourself and your child to head off misunderstandings, explosive emotions, and sulking. With descriptions of how to identify your child’s temperament, tips for tailoring disciplinary techniques so your child really hears you, as well as suggestions for helping your boy or girl feel safe and secure.

Authentic Parenting is a valuable resource for bringing our the best in both our children and ourselves. The authors have provided an invaluable resource for all parents and educators.

“A must-read book for parents, grandparents, and teachers...practical tools you can use immediately to become a more effective parent or teacher.”

—Aurora Winter, author of From Heartbreak to Happiness

C O N T E N T S:


Temperament Identification Test

Sanguine: The Rainbow Butterfly
The Sanguine Adult

Choleric: The Warrior/Hero
The Choleric Adult

Melancholic: The Wounded Healier
The Melancholic Adult

Phlegmatic: The Honey Bear
The Phlegmatic Adult

Final thoughts

Bari Borsky

Bari Borsky’s sanguine temperament has taken her on a journey that includes travel through twenty-six countries and four careers. Her interest in the four temperaments began in 1971 when she joined an anthroposophic group that studied the soul and spiritual nature of humankind, and the development of human consciousness. Knowledge of the four temperaments helped members of the group to develop understanding for one another’s personality. This allowed for powerful and harmonious collaboration on community development projects.

Along with her partner, Bari created and ran a decorative accessory manufacturing business for seventeen years. After selling the business in 2002, she brought her love for community development, business knowledge, and social skills to Highland Hall Waldorf School as Development Director. In 2010 she joined the Grief Coach Academy, where she is a certified Heartbreak to Happiness grief recovery and life coach. In 2011 Bari started Bari Clarity Coaching. Her mission is to help parents find joy through understanding their children, and to help adults navigate heartbreak by learning how to appreciate and love themselves. More information can be found at

Judith Haney

Judith Haney has maintained her interest in philosophy and its practical applications since 1967, when she joined an anthroposophical study group. Spurred on by encouragement from this group, she expanded her horizons with several trips to Europe.

Law offices allowed Judy to practice working with choleric temperaments, and her work in the corporate office of a local aerospace company provided an opportunity to use and expand skills requiring her phlegmatic/melancholic mood: creating databases and expense-tracking systems for the company’s annual stock grant program, creating reports for the finance and legal departments, and writing a how-to manual for the database users.