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The Gnomes' Winter Journey

September 2017
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    30th September 2017
  • ISBN 9781782504375
  • Language German
  • Pages 32 pp.
  • Size 10.9" x 8.1"

The woodland gnomes are excited to visit their cousins the mountain gnomes. Their journey takes them through the cold forest and over snowy hills, with the help of a sledge pulled by squirrels. When they finally arrive at their cousins' icy home there's fun to be had—snowball fights, tobogganing, and a delicious feast with the elegant Winter Queen.

Now available in English, this classic, enchanting winter tale is beautifully illustrated by renowned German artist Ernst Kreidolf in a style reminiscent of Sybille von Olfers.

(Ages 4 to 7 years)

“This attractive book is translated from a classic, wintry, German tale. Full of fun and mischief.... The gentle text and enchanting illustrations combine to make this both a perfect book to share and an ideal read for the child who wants to settle in a corner with a captivating story.”

“A fantastic snowy tale of the woodland gnomes who visit their mountain cousins and meet the Winter Queen.”

“The illustrations in wintry muted hues complement the story and add to the fun.... This would be a good choice for a winter story time.”
Youth Services Book Review 

“(A)n unusual and delightful adventure.... You will immediately be enchanted by the three endearing little bearded fellows with cone-shaped hats.... You will surely admire each drawing by the renowned Swiss painter, author, and illustrator Ernst Kreidolf.”
Vermont Country Sampler 

“A beautiful winter treat, The Gnomes' Winter Journey is a traditional tale that feels a little bit like it might be something straight out of Narnia.... The illustrations are deft and magical, and the story feels like a timeless classic that parents will enjoy reading, too.”
School Library Association

Ernst Kreidolf

Ernst Kreidolf (1863–1956) was a German artist best known for illustrating children's books about flower fairies and other little folk.