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The Islamic Year

Suras, Stories, and Celebrations

May 2003
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  • Publisher
    Hawthorn Press
  • Published
    1st May 2003
  • ISBN 9781903458143
  • Language English
  • Pages 288 pp.

Celebrate the Islamic year with your children! You are invited to explore Muslim festivals with this inspiring treasury of stories, suras, songs, games, recipes, crafts and art activities. The Islamic Year describes the major festivals vividly, together with attractive projects that engage children creatively. A selection of folk tales illustrates the core values underlying Islamic culture with gentle humor and wisdom. This is a unique resource for educators and parents who want to share the spiritual wealth of Islam with children.

The Islamic Year is richly illustrated with a coloring calendar, Arabic calligraphy of the Names of God, traditional patterns, maps, and pictures drawn from many parts of the Islamic world.

“Education seeing to interpret Islam to non-Muslim audiences will find this an excellent resource.” —Baroness Uddin, House of Lords, Westminster


“. . . an excellent book in every way, a beacon for how to use the written word to spread knowledge, understanding, and tolerance. No school or public library should be without at least one copy.” —School Librarian


“. . . a practical and attractive tool. . . . The timing and approach of this publication could not be better, given the urgen need to engage children in this topic.” —Five to Eleven

Noorah Al-Gailani

Noorah Al-Gailani comes from Iraqi heritage. She teaches Islam in Saturday schools and works as a curator in Longon.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith, PhD, is an Oxford-based storyteller, musician, teacher, and founding director of Storytelling Schools, the fruit of ten years’ research and development experience. He has a passion for Arab folktales, myths, and legends, developed while living in Palestine. He takes storytelling into a variety of institutions including schools, universities, museums and prisons, working with adults and children alike.