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Storytelling Series

Science through Stories

Teaching Primary Science with Storytelling

May 2015
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  • Publisher
    Hawthorn Press
  • Published
    15th May 2015
  • ISBN 9781907359453
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 6" x 8.25"

“Without science, we are lost. Without story, we are trapped alone in the darkness of ourselves. For too long, these companions have wandered on separate tracks. This book takes one positive step towards bringing them together as travelling companions.”—Pie Corbett (from the foreword)

Science through Stories presents a collection of hand-picked stories to engage young learners with the awe-inspiring world of science. Traditional tales rub shoulders with historical stories, as well as stories written especially for this book, all of which have been classroom tested. Each tale is written in a storyteller’s voice to make it easier to learn and retell orally. The stories are organized into subjects and include engaging and inclusive ways to link them to teaching science. 

This book is perfect for expanding the repertoire in a “storytelling school” and for all science teachers interested in bringing something different into the classroom. This is an excellent resource for home schooling, too!

“Wow, double and triple wow, this is an absolutely fantastic book! It is so well conceived and written and works on so many levels. What a great start to the wonderful world of science and discovery. I cannot praise it highly enough. It deserves to become an instant classic.”—Dr. George McGavin, FLS FRGS, author, academic, television science presenter and explorer

“A fantastic resource, well worth the investment, that links to English as well as science teaching.”—Karen Faux, Primary Teacher Update

“...use the approach, dip into this treasure chest and even develop your own stories to match your current science ideas. The children will thank you for it.” —Anne Goldsworthy, primary science expert

Jules Pottle

Jules Pottle is a specialist primary science teacher and teacher trainer with Storytelling Schools. Jules is passionate about science and science teaching, having worked as a classteacher, science advisory teacher, co-ordinator and mentor for more than two decades.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith, PhD, is an Oxford-based storyteller, musician, teacher, and founding director of Storytelling Schools, the fruit of ten years’ research and development experience. He has a passion for Arab folktales, myths, and legends, developed while living in Palestine. He takes storytelling into a variety of institutions including schools, universities, museums and prisons, working with adults and children alike.