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My Family and Other Allergies

Safe and Scrumptious Recipes for Diverse Diets

June 2022
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  • Publisher
    Hawthorn Press
  • Published
    17th June 2022
  • ISBN 9781912480531
  • Language English
  • Pages 144 pp.

My Family and Other Allergies is a hopeful and humorous book that looks forward to times when extended families wish to eat together, whether for special occasions or every day.

Everyone has a different eating habit, but sometimes it becomes awkward when cooking for those you care about. The number of people who suffer food intolerance or various allergies has multiplied during recent years, with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease increasing in particular. Vegetarianism and veganism have also grown steadily, and today many choose to eat only local, sustainable, organic, or raw foods.

What can we feed our loved ones, many of whose needs might be mixed? This book explains many of the reasons for our various dietary needs, from ethnic and religious preferences to the gut health. Most important, however, the book offers recipes along with suggestions for putting it all together in a nonjudgmental and harmonious way. After all, everyone loves to eat good food!

C O N T E N T S:

The Physical Body:
The digestive system
The vagus

About allergies:
Food intolerance
Fussy eaters
Herbs & spices

Special Diets:
Breastfeeding mums
Low-calorie diet
Diabetes & sugar
Gluten intolerance
GAPS diet
Gut biome & IBD
IBS & fibre
Ethical eating

Julie Gritten

Julie Gritten, when she was a student, pretended to have goats. She collected spoiled fruit and vegetables from greengrocer under the pretext of wanting to feed her imaginary goats, but instead made preserves and pickles that she sold at a local wholefood shop. In 1974, she earned a bachelor’s degree in botany, which she employed to raise several children in a steadily deescalating regime of alternative living that gradually settled into a pleasant equilibrium of gardening, yoga, prenatal classes, child rearing, and eventually grandchild rearing. Today, she lives on a small organic farm in the beautiful mountains of Eryri, Gwynedd (Snowdonia), northwest Wales, where she feeds hordes of hungry humans.