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Walter Moora


Walter Moora was born in the jungles of Borneo in 1949 of Dutch parents. By the end of high school, he knew he wanted to be a farmer and began his life path. Realizing that conventional farming fights nature instead of working with her, Walter left New Zealand in 1972 to learn how to work with nature through biodynamic methods. For thirty-five years, he has lived in the US and worked on Camphill community farms, as well as his own. In 1998, Walter's wife was killed in an automobile accident. After years of deep grieving, he met a neighbor who had suffered similar grief and shared his spiritual outlook. Susan Davis had devoted her life to creating “KINS Innovation Networks” in social investing, organics, solar, micro-enterprise, corporate social responsibility and women’s empowerment. Through Susan’s Capital Missions Company, the couple began the successful Kindred Spirits Network (KINS), and invited social investors and philanthropists to visit our Nokomis Farm to learn how non-farmers can steward the Earth. In 2007, Walter sold his cattle and machinery, Susan spun off her latest KINS network, and they moved for almost a year to Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Walter currently writes, gives talks and workshops, and shares his life with Susan.

Author's Books

A Farmer's Love

Living Biodynamics and the Meaning of Community