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Karen L. Rivers


Karen L. Rivers, PhD, is co-founder of the Sophia Foundation of North America, founder of Chrysalis Productions (a transformational theater company for children and adults), and founder of the Rosamira Circle, “the Rose of Peace,” which seeks to awaken in people an understanding and respect for all faith traditions. In her courses, spiritual counseling, and ministry she integrates the interfaith commonalities of the world's religions and the esoteric teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg. With the Sophia Foundation, Karen has jointly led pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world including Turkey, Palestine, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Greece. She is Director of the New Chartres Academy and a faculty member of The Wisdom School of Graduate Studies. Karen lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

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Author's Books

Love and the Evolution of Consciousness

A Study of the Transformation of the Human Soul, the Double, and the Spirit


The Mystery of Sophia

Bearer of the New Culture: The Rose of the World