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Arnold Wadler


Dr. Arnold Dwight Wadler was born in 1882 and began his lifelong study of ancient and modern languages from an early age, with the purpose of discovering the common origin of all languages. His goal was to learn a language representing every linguistic family, including Germanic, Romance, Slavic, Semitic, Chinese, African, and pre-Columbian American vernaculars. Wadler was influence early on by Herman Beckh of Berlin University, a student of Rudolf Steiner. With the beginning of World War II, he left Germany and moved to Switzerland, where he published The Tower of Babel; Germanic Prehistory; and The Aryan Riddle. Wadler’s work, however, was controversial, and mainstream scholars of the time largely ignored and even suppressed his work. Nonetheless, his books sold well in Germany. He moved to France and then to Spain and Portugal before leaving Europe for New York in 1940. In 1942, Wadler was invited by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs to visit “Indian Country,” which took him to New Mexico and Arizona. There he studied Native American culture, speech, and religion. He continued to write and lecture throughout his life.

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One Language

Source of All Tongues