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Waldorf Education Resources Series

Muscles and Bones

September 2006
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    1st September 2006
  • ISBN 9780863155550
  • Language English
  • Pages 128 pp.

This is an overview of human physiology and anatomy, including health and hygiene. A resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of Class 7-8 (ages 12–14).

Charles Kovacs

Charles Kovacs (1907–2001) was born in Vienna, Austria. He left in 1938 and joined the British Army in East Africa. After the War he settled in Britain, and in 1956 he took over a class at the Rudolf Steiner School in Edinburgh, where he remained a class teacher until his retirement in 1976. He died in 2001. His extensive lesson notes have been a useful and inspiring resource material for many teachers; he also gave over 300 lectures to adults and was in demand as a speaker. He is the author of numerous books for Waldorf teaching, as well as The Spiritual Background to Christian Festivals and The Apocalypse in Rudolf Steiner's Lecture Series.