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The Gnome Craft Book Edition 2

January 2010
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    28th January 2010
  • ISBN 9780863157219
  • Language English
  • Pages 96 pp.

Gnome crafts offer a wealth of possibilities for activities with children, appealing to their imagination in a vivid and entertaining way. Thomas and Petra Berger show how to make gnomes out of walnuts, twigs, wool, and paper, as well as a variety of other media. There are plenty of different gnomes to keep children amused for hours.

Any of the characters in the book would be at home on a seasonal nature table. The Gnome Craft Book includes instructions for making Astrid Lindgren’s classic gnome, the Tomten.

Thomas Berger

Thomas Berger studied graphics and worked in printing and publishing in Holland. He and his wife Petra have published several books on celebrating the festivals and seasons of the year with children.

Petra Berger

Petra Berger and her husband Thomas have found creative ways of celebrating the festivals and seasons of the year with their children. They are the author of several books of activities with children.