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The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book Edition 3

December 2012
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    5th December 2012
  • ISBN 9780863159435
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.

Every night Sylvia whispers a magic spell to the rhyme-elves. In the morning her Wonder Book is filled with beautiful pictures and poems of her adventures and the extraordinary stories she has heard.

Every day Sylvia asks her mother, the old woodsman, and even her fairy friend Sister-in-the-Bushes, to tell them to her. They weave magical stories of clever princesses, far-away kingdoms, courageous knights, kind children, and graceful fairies.

Sylvia also has her own adventures: planting a fairy tree, meeting St Nicholas and venturing into the deep woods. But as she comes closer to her special seventh birthday, there is one extraordinary adventure left.

This enchanting illustrated collection of tales takes us through the highlights of the year as Sylvia and her friends celebrate festivals and birthdays.

(Ages 6–8 years)

“The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book tells stories about Sylvia and her life and experience through her sixth year of life. Each section tells of Sylvia's day; then she is told a story, by her mum or a friend, that relates to her experiences. Finally, just before going to sleep, Sylvia leaves her Wonder Book on her bedside table and chants a poetry spell asking the rhyme-elves to write a poem for her during the night. Sylvia wakes up the following morning to a new poem and a beautiful drawing and she runs to her mother's bed to read it.

“The stories relate to festivals throughout the year and, towards the end of the book, we are told about Sylvia's seventh birthday. The sense of wonder in the book is achieved through the way in which Sylvia's life stories intertwine with storytelling and with the rhyme-elves’ creation of beautiful pictures and poems. A magical book for six- and seven-year-olds.”

—Juno: A Natural Approach to Family Life, spring 2006

C O N T E N T S:

Sylvia and the Sick Toys
— The Story of the Wood-Maiden Who Couldn’t Dance
— The Poem of the Singing Sky

— The Story of the Star Twins
— The Poem of the Black Cloak and Hood

The Making of the Fairy Tree
— The Poem of the Tree Makers

The Dragon in the Sky
— The Story of Snowflake and the Dragon
— The Poem of Knight Michael

Sylvia and the Old Woodsman
— The Story of the Lordly Cockerel
— The Poem of Wily, Lordly and Lowly

Sylvia’s Turnip Lantern
— The Story of Hugin and the Turnip
— The Poem of Hallowe’en Lanterns

Sylvia and the Wicked Little Imp
— The Story of the Country at the Bottom of the Well
— The Poem of the Silver Cherry and the Golden Pear

Sylvia’s Advent Wreath
— The Story of Rufusi Ryneker
— The Poem of the Crown of Candles

The Visit of St Nicholas
— The Story of Bella, Sophia and Little Bonita
— The Poem of the Golden Boy

Sylvia’s Painting
— The Story of the Tree that Dreamt a Flower
— The Poem of the Christmas Tree

Getting Ready for Christmas
— The Story of Cordita and the Three Little Men
— The Poem of Kind Cordita

Christmas Day
— The Story of the Apple Tree that Bore a Star
— The Poem of Eva’s Apple

Sylvia’s Birthday Poem

Sylvia’s Birthday
— Sylvia and the Three Fairies
— The Poem of the Three Tooth-Gifts

Sylvia and Elf Prince Frey
— The Poem of the Fairy Bread
— Sylvia and Peter

Isabel Wyatt

Isabel Wyatt (1901–1992) was born in England and spent many years teaching young children. Until her retirement in 1965, she was codirector of studies at Hawkwood College, Gloucestershire. She wrote numerous books for children.