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Waldorf Schools

Volume 2: Upper Grades and High School

June 1994
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Press
  • Published
    1st June 1994
  • ISBN 9780929979304
  • Language English

Waldorf Schools, volume 2 covers upper grades and high school. Contributors include A.C. Harwood, Betty Staley, Francis Edmunds, A.W. Mann, and others. Subjects in this volume include machines and men; children’s quarrels; modern physics in the Waldorf high school; the value of art for the adolescent. These essays show how creative imagination can set young hearts and minds on fire.

Ruth Pusch

Ruth Pusch, born Ruth Barnett, was raised in New Haven, Connecticut. After a period of time spent in Dornach, Switzerland, as a student of spiritual science, she married the actor Hans Pusch in 1932 while in the U.S. Together, they returned to Dornach, where Ruth studied eurythmy with some of the pioneers of that new art form. She later taught eurythmy in New York City and was an early teacher at the Waldorf School New York City. She and her husband were also active in bringing the anthroposophic impulse to the dramatic arts in North America. Along with Hans, Ruth Pusch also helped translate Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery plays.