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The Dandelion's Cousin

May 2004
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  • Publisher
    Adonis Press
  • Published
    1st May 2004
  • ISBN 9780932776310
  • Language English
  • Pages 36 pp.
  • Size 8.5" x 11"

This beautifully illustrated children’s book was created because of Gertrude Teutsch’s love for the harethistle (or sow thistle), a tall relative of the dandelion, that grew around her home. As a gifted mother, teacher, and artist, she found a way of presenting the development of this plant to children through a delightful storybook.

Gertrude's pictures and narrative imaginatively explore the stages and formations of the plant and bring them vividly alive.

This book will engender a love for and a lively interest in nature a wonderful. It offers a resource for parents of young children, as well as teachers of kindergartens and early grades.

(Ages 3–6 years)

Gertrude Teutsch

Gertrude Teutsch (1918–2009) was the author of The Dandelion's Cousin (2004) and On the Way to Christmas (2010). She also translated Rudolf Steiner's Genius of Language. Gertrude lived in San Diego, where she passed away at the age of 91.