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Star Wisdom Series

Journal for Star Wisdom 2015

Edited by Robert A. Powell
September 2014
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    24th September 2014
  • ISBN 9781584201779
  • Language English
  • Pages 218 pp.

Journal for Star Wisdom offers articles of interest concerning star wisdom (Astrosophy), as well as a guide to the correspondences between stellar configurations during the life of Christ and those of today. This guide comprises a complete sidereal ephemeris and aspectarian, geocentric and heliocentric, for each day throughout the year. Published yearly, new editions are available beginning in October or November for the coming new year.

According to Rudolf Steiner, every step taken by Christ during his ministry between the baptism in the Jordan and the resurrection was in harmony with—and an expression of—the cosmos. The Journal for Star Wisdom is concerned with these heavenly correspondences during the life of Christ. It is intended to help provide a foundation for cosmic Christianity, the cosmic dimension of Christianity. It is this dimension that has been missing from Christianity in its two-thousand-year history.

Readers can begin on this path by contemplating the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets against the background of the zodiacal constellations (sidereal signs) today in relation to corresponding stellar events during the life of Christ. In this way, the possibility is opened for attuning, in a living way, to the life of Christ in the etheric cosmos.

This journal begins with an article on the relationship between the zodiacal ages and the cultural epochs by Robert Powell, followed by Estelle Isaacson’s article on the early stages of Christ’s Ascension into cosmic dimensions. Claudia McLaren Lainson’s article relates events of our time against the background of St. Paul’s experience of Christ at the gates of Damascus. Richard Tarnas’s article, “The Evolving Tradition,” offers important perspectives on the development of astrology in our time.

Kevin Dann's article considers the universal significance of the vortex, following up on an indication by Rudolf Steiner. Nicholas Kollerstrom contributed “Power of the Sun,” with research into a new understanding of our Sun. Also included are two articles by Brian Keats that contribute to research into aspects of biodynamic farming in connection with cosmic rhythms.

The monthly commentaries for 2015 are by Claudia McLaren Lainson, supported by monthly astronomical previews provided by Sally Nurney, offering opportunities to observe and experience the stellar configurations physically during 2015. This direct interaction between human beings on Earth and the heavenly beings of the stars develops our capacity to receive their wisdom-filled teachings.