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A Treatise on Living Thinking

A Path beyond Western Philosophy, beyond Yoga, beyond Zen

November 2014
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    5th November 2014
  • ISBN 9781584201793
  • Language English
  • Pages 104 pp.
  • Size 5" x 8"

“The 'I' that we each say we are cannot be the 'I,' except in living thinking—still unknown to us. We know only the 'already-thought,' or reflected thought, but we are unaware of how we know it. First, we must think in order to know our own thought; but we do not know thinking.” —Massimo Scaligero

This treatise, though logically formulated and accessible, proposes a task that few can probably actualize. Its thoughts are assembled so that retracing them becomes the proposed experience. This experience, insofar as it is realized, is not merely one of many possibilities, but an experience of our inner essence, which the spirit demands of us at the present time.

“True thinking cannot be the “already-thought,” or reflected thought, and, as reflected, fixed in words. Nor can it be thought reflecting itself, or in the act, however conditioned it is by the form of its self-expression. True thinking is logically the being of thought, unconnected to any determined thought.”

The treatise cannot be refuted philosophically, since it is based on a kind of experience that must be achieved if we wish to have a means by which to question it. However, those who are able to achieve it begin to live within a thinking that penetrates the world. It is the thinking that is the truth of all theories and of none, because it is their pre-dialectical substance.

By experiencing the thoughts presented, we can experience the power of “concentration,” or the tangible presence of the spirit—the path of living thinking, the transcendence present but not cognized in each thought that we think.

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Translator’s Note

The Premise
A Treatise on Living Thinking

Appendix: On Inner Concentration

Massimo Scaligero

Massimo Scaligero (1906–1980) was born Antonio Scabelloni in Veroli (Frosinone), Italy. He was a contemporary Italian spiritual master who drank deeply from both Western and Eastern traditions. By direct experience, he was equally at home with Western philosophy and psychology, Western esotericism (Rosicrucianism, Templarism, and Anthroposophy) and Eastern meditative practices (Zen and Tibetan Buddhism). He was the author of numerous books, including (in Italian, untranslated): The Way of the Solar Will; Immortal Love; Yoga, Meditation, Magic; From Yoga to the Rose Cross; Practical Manual of Meditation; The Logos and the New Mysteries; Psychotherapy; Techniques of Inner Concentration; Healing with Thinking; Meditation and Miracles; Thinking as Antimaterialism; Western Kundalini; Isis Sophia; and Zen and Logos.