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The Kingdom of Beautiful Colours and Other Stories Edition 2 Revised

May 2014
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    9th May 2014
  • ISBN 9781782500599
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

“Once upon a time there was a kingdom of beautiful colors. In the middle of it stood a cloud mountain and from the top of the cloud mountain you looked down on a wonderful rainbow, shining green and blue and yellow...”

The King must go on a long journey, so asks his four sons to care for the kingdom of beautiful colors. However, the youngest prince has his own ideas about how that should be done.

The Kingdom of Beautiful Colours is just one of seven wonderful tales in this collection by master storyteller Isabel Wyatt. The stories are full of ivory towers, great forests, golden lands and the star of the sea, which will inspire and enchant any child.

Suitable for nine-year-olds and up, this is a classic collection from the author of The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book.

A newly revised edition, previously published as The Book of Fairy Princes.

C O N T E N T S:

1. The Princess in the Ivory Tower
2. The Fox Who Went to Heaven
3. The White Doe
4. The Kingdom of Beautiful Colors
5. The Fisher Price with the Silver Apple
6. The Prince Who Had Two Eyes
7. The Quest for the Star of the Sea

Isabel Wyatt

Isabel Wyatt (1901–1992) was born in England and spent many years teaching young children. Until her retirement in 1965, she was codirector of studies at Hawkwood College, Gloucestershire. She wrote numerous books for children.