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Meditative Prayers for Today

January 2018
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    5th January 2018
  • ISBN 9781782504672
  • Language English
  • Pages 56 pp.
  • Size 4" x 5"

Growing into the daily use of these meditative prayers makes us conscious of how we stand in great world rhythms. We learn to follow the alternation of waking and sleeping, the ordering of the seven days of the week, and the course of the seasons, as gifts of heavenly powers gradually become known to us. 

This is a small, elegant guide to aid meditation.

C O N T E N T S:


Evening and morning
The week
The year
Against fear
For one who has died
Intercessory prayers
For children
The guardian angel
Blessing on a house
For a journey
For the peoples of the world
Grace before meals

A note about the Lord's Prayer

Adam Bittleston

Adam Bittleston (1911–1989) earned his degree at Oxford in philosophy, politics, and economics. In 1935, he was ordained a priest in The Christian Community, and from 1970 taught at The Christian Community training center at Emerson College. He was the author of several books.