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The Whale, the Sea and the Stars

July 2019
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    23rd July 2019
  • ISBN 9781782505594
  • Language English
  • Pages 32 pp.
  • Size 8.46" x 11.02"

When Gerda the blue whale was very small, her mother would sing a beautiful song telling her that if she were ever lost she should look to the stars and they would guide her.

When it's time for the little whale to leave home, her adventures take her from the warm waters of the equator to the freezing poles.

Along the way she meets clever killer whales, playful penguins, a friendly polar bear and the ancient narwhale. Then one day, the little whale realises she wants to find somewhere to stay forever. How will she know when she's found the right sea for her? With her mother's song in her heart, Gerda follows the stars to a place she knows she can call home.

This heartwarming story, rendered through luminous, captivating illustrations full of texture and feeling, promises we will find our way if we listen to our hearts.

(Ages 4–7 years)

“Detailed digital illustrations are overlaid with natural textures to create beautiful magical scenes on every page. The play of light in the artwork is captivating, seen in the pink and golden glow of a sunrise or as incandescent beams illuminate an icy cave deep underwater. Idyllic and soothing, this is a perfect choice for an older story time or for one-on-one bedtime sharing.” —School Library Journal 

“Beautiful, organic illustrations filter light and shadow with decorative vines and swirling water, the result resembling antique etched woodwork. A whale crosses oceans to follow her heart and the stars in this magical underwater tale of happiness, homecoming, and new beginnings.” —Foreword Reviews 

“A heartwarming picture book story that will prove to be an immediately welcome and enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections.” —Midwest Book Review 

“The color scheme and illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching and children will love Gerda and the other animals featured throughout the book.... This is a wonderful book to share with anyone who loves the sea and all its wondrous creatures.” —Youth Services Book Review, 5 Stars

“The illustrations in this book are stunning. They are cute and moody at the same time.... The story of finding a place in the world is tender.” —Kiss the Book Jr. 

“Learn how to follow your heart, young and old and everyone in-between. Be captivated by the simply stunning artwork, see the sun's rays penetrating the darkest deeps, admire the stars twinkling in the dark skies, see the sunrise over the lighthouse and admire the colors of the creatures in the oceans deep. Above all, for me at least, marvel at the beauty and elegance of Gerda. [The] evident attention to the tiniest of details and the skill with which it has been applied make the book even more special.” —Armadillo 

“I loved reading The Whale, the Sea and the Stars because it is so good. I liked how the illustrator drew plants on Gerda, like birthmarks. When mama sings her song, there is a bunch of constellations, and I really like how the other animals are drawn. I would recommend The Whale, the Sea and the Stars as a bedtime story for little kids. This book would also be good for kids who like whales, adventures, and surprises.” —Avery, age 8, for Kids Book Buzz 

“Beautifully illustrated... Heart-warming.” —Kindling 

“The ocean looks magical in these gorgeous illustrations.” —NetGalley Reviewer

Adrián Macho

Adrián Macho lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. Creativity and techniques of art have been with him since he was very young. He studied Ceramics at secondary school in Modra and spent many years working as a graphic designer with advertising agencies, and more recently as a freelancer. His talent truly came to the fore when he began to work as an illustrator. Several children’s books with Macho’s illustrations have become bestsellers in Slovakia and are rated highly by readers.