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Man or Matter Edition 3 3rd Edition

An Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe’s Method of Training Observation and Thought

January 2014
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  • Publisher
    Rudolf Steiner Press
  • Published
    20th January 2014
  • ISBN 9781855843899
  • Language English
  • Pages 560 pp.

In this third, enlarged edition of Lehrs’ classic study, the reader is led, step by step, to a spiritual-scientific method of investigation. The author demonstrates how one can transcend the boundaries of the physical world to the metaphysical origins of nature and humankind. This is a pioneering new method of training the mind and eye, as well as other human senses, leading to a transformation from our modern “on-looking” consciousness to a new kind of “participative” consciousness.

The beginnings of this method were formulated by Goethe (1749-1832) more than 200 years ago, but his contemporaries offered little in the way of fertile ground for his ideas. It was Rudolf Steiner who recognized the significance of “Goetheanism” for the future development of not only science, but also human culture in general, and who developed Goethe’s work in modern times.

Man or Matter contains the systematic results of the author’s work with the methods of Goethe and Steiner (whom he knew personally). In this unique study, Lehrs addresses himself to anyone—with or without a specialized scientific training—concerned with developing the human power of cognition in the present time.

This revised edition was edited by Nick Thomas and Peter Bortoft.

Ernst Lehrs

Ernst Lehrs (1894–1979) was born in Berlin. Having fought in World War I, he studied science and graduated with a PhD in 1923. He became a senior teacher at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany, and in 1935 moved to The Netherlands, where he worked as a teacher, before moving to Britain as a Jewish refugee from the Nazis. In 1952 he returned to Germany and worked as a lecturer at the newly established course in anthroposophic special education in Eckwälden, where he remained until his death.