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A Rainbow over the River

Experiences of Life, Death, and Other Worlds

March 2004
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  • Publisher
    Clairview Books
  • Published
    24th March 2004
  • ISBN 9781902636474
  • Language English
  • Pages 240 pp.

For many years Veronika van Duin has been able to see “over the river” experiencing spiritual dimensions and worlds hidden to the physical eye. With clairvoyant vision she has perceived angels and demonic beings, people who have died, and even events taking place in other parts of the world. But in 2002, with the passing of her mother Barbara Lipsker, the author’s spiritual journeys became more concentrated and frequent, and she began to see people who had recently crossed the threshold of death, including the victims of an airplane disaster and a suicide bombing.

In A Rainbow Over the River, the author tells her remarkable story, from her earliest glimpses of the other side to her more recent excursions “over the river.” In the second part of the book, she records an intensely moving diary of her mother’s passing, rich in love, care, and profound understanding of suffering. She describes how, despite the sadness of losing their mother, Veronika’s family see the death as the transition to a new existence and, ultimately, as a great festival of life. In the third section, van Duin speaks of her mother’s life as a pioneer of the Camphill movement, which provides home and work for people with special needs. She also offers thoughts on birth and death, grief, healing, prayer, and the meaning of existence.

A glorious celebration of life, illumined through knowledge of death and the eternal nature of spirit.

C O N T E N T S:


My Spiritual Upbringing
Guardian Angels
Music of the Spheres
The Discipline of Meditation
Echoes of a Past Life
The Power of Evil
The Reality of Reincarnation
Encounter with a Stranger’s Past Life
A Past Life Overshadowing the Present
Understanding the Meaning of Reincarnation
Talking with the Dead
Dark Guardians
The Double and the Nine Ranks of Spirit Beings
Getting back to Work
Tuning in to the World’s Pain
Helping the Dead
The Power of Prayer
My Own Guardian Angel
The Dead Help the Living
The Power of Angels
The Death of My Mother-in-law
An Old Friend Dies
New Experiences on the Other Side
Witnessing Crossing the River
The Death of the Cricketer
Violent Death
Joining My Mother on the Journey


My Mother’s Life Story
My Mother’s Inner Life
The Loneliness of Dying
Gates of Birth and Death
The Impact of Group Deaths
The Death of Children and That of Adults
Friends Who Meet Us on the Other Side
Calling on Those Who have Died Long Ago
Healing after Death
Bathing in the River
The Meaning of Grief
Understanding the Role of the Beasts
Orienting after Death
Why We Should Pray for the Dead
Life within Life within Life


Veronika van Duin

Veronika van Duin was born in Scotland and trained as a nursery nurse. For many years, together with her own family, she lived with people with special needs and later took in teenage boarders. Her experiences led to a search for ways to create a home that would contribute to a truly sound and healthy society. Veronika van Duin passed away in 2022.