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The Moon Gardener

A Biodynamic Guide to Getting the Best from Your Garden

September 2012
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  • Publisher
    Temple Lodge Publications
  • Published
    3rd September 2012
  • ISBN 9781906999377
  • Language English
  • Pages 128 pp.

As Earth’s neighbor, the moon affects not only ocean tides but also the growth and development of plants. In this finely illustrated, full-color book—packed with practical tips for the novice as well as the advanced gardener—Peter Berg offers a clear summary of the basics of lunar and biodynamic gardening, together with these in-depth sections:

  • activating and enlivening the soil
  • biodynamic preparations
  • making good compost
  • crop rotation and green manuring
  • cultivation work and care of the garden
  • practical plant protection
  • rich harvesting
  • saving your own seeds

Building on the intensive research of his mentor Maria Thun and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Berg explains how the subtle influences from the cosmos work on the plant world, describing the differences among and the significance of “root,” “leaf,” “blossom,” and “fruit” days in the working calendar. Understanding these natural processes and the practical knowledge described in this book can lead to productive, chemical-free gardening, healthy plants, and abundant harvests.

This book is a translation of Der Mondgärtner. Biodynamisch gärtnern mit Peter Berg.

Peter Berg

Peter Berg, a master gardener of many decades, is an expert in lunar and biodynamic gardening. He operates a nursery in Binzen, Germany, and is a gardening consultant on German Television channel SWR 3. He is the author of numerous articles in gardening magazines.