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Erdmuth Johannes Grosse


Erdmuth Johannes Grosse (1928–2012), son of Rudolf and Lucia Grosse, was born in Basel. He studied eurythmy and education at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. After working as a eurythmist for a number of years on the Goetheanum stage, he taught eurythmy in Waldorf schools in Germany and Denmark, and later worked as a class teacher and an upper school history, art history, and eurythmy teacher in the Rudolf Steiner School in Basel. He then studied industrial psychology at the Institute for Applied Psychology in Zurich, where he was later employed. He was involved in various training programs for leaders in industry and commerce, as well as in state institutions. Grosse later worked as a freelance management consultant and lecturer in anthroposophy in Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark.

Author's Books

Are There People Without a Self?

On the Mystery of the Ego and the Appearance in the Present Day of Egoless Individuals