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Rachel C. Ross


Rachel C. Ross is an educator and eurythmist of wide experience. She holds a diploma in Artistic and Pedagogical Eurythmy from the London School of Eurythmy; a diploma in Therapeutic Eurythmy from the Medical Section of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland; and a Masters of Science in Education from Sunbridge College in New York. Rachel specializes in treating children with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. She has been involved as a developmental specialist, designing and implementing programs, training staff, teaching, and consulting at Waldorf and public schools. Rachel is a faculty member and co-director of the Waldorf Resource/Remedial Teacher Training Programs in Spain, Brazil, Ireland and Toronto. These training initiatives are in partnership with the Association for Healing Education. She maintains an active practice in therapeutic eurythmy and remedial movement therapy and is a traveling consultant to many Waldorf and private schools nationwide. She is the author of Adventures in Parenting(AWSNA, 2008).

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