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Carol Toole


Carol Toole: In the mid-’70s, the parents of a nursery cooperative in the spiritual community where she lived asked her to be lead teacher. She was just 21, but they often noticed her in the doorway observing the children. Soon her quest to create an environment that fosters children’s innate sense of wonder led her to become a Waldorf kindergarten teacher. Later, she pursued training as an educational therapist, focusing on sensory development and written language instruction.

During the past forty years, she has been a teacher, storyteller, puppeteer, writer, and parent educator, creating a popular series called Creative Living with the Young Child. More recently, she provides Academic Language Therapy, movement therapy, and strategic tutoring to grade-school children and oversees the literacy program at the Austin Waldorf School. Now a grandmother, she is inspired to combine her parenting workshops, observations of children, and love for language at its inception to ponder the question, “What is this childhood?”

Carol’s publications include articles in Renewal Magazine, poetry and essays in the Real Women Write Anthologies, and Tara’s Spring Wish, a book for children.

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What Is This Childhood?

Finding the Spirit of Early Childhood in Language and Creative Living with Our Families

Carol Toole
Illustrated by Eva Hoisington