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Dankmar Bosse


Dankmar Bosse, born in 1940 in Weimar, studied geology, paleontology, and mineralogy at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology in Saxony (East Germany) and worked for twenty-one years at the Central Geological Institute in East Berlin, mainly on regional geology and Central European tectonics. He works independently giving seminars, lecturing, and leading excursions, as well as engaging in anthroposophic research in all fields of the earth sciences. He is editor of J. W. Goethe: Die Metamorphose des Granits (Verlag Freies Geistesleben 1994), a collection of Goethe’s geological writings, and is the author of a comprehensive book on mineralogy from a natural-scientific view, Die Evolution der Minerale zwischen Kosmos und Erde (Verlag des Ita Wegman Instituts, Stuttgart 2015).

Author's Books

The Mutual Evolution of Earth and Humanity

Sketch of a Geology and Paleontology of the Living Earth