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Franziska van der Geest


Franziska van der Geest was born in 1959 in Basel, Switzerland. Since her childhood she has engaged in intensive contact with nature beings and beings of the higher hierarchies. This enables her, on the one hand, to have deep knowledge of the many-sided connections in the sphere of life. On the other hand, out of this developed extensive biographical and business counseling work. Since 2001 she has traveled extensively through Europe and the Americas. These journeys are dedicated to the research of the spiritual geography of landscapes and to the healing of the Earth. During her travels, Franziska paints. In her paintings, in which she captures the astral and etheric movements related to places and landscapes, the suprasensory happenings there become visible. The wishes of the beings connected with each respective location are expressed. The pictures contain messages for human beings. Above all, these are beings of the elemental world that support the process of painting. On the paper, colored lines and forms are shown to her, which she then draws and paints. Over the years, a rich and varied work has come into being in this way.

Author's Books

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