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Mary Goral


Mary Barr Goral, Ph.D., began her career in education more than thirty years ago. After teaching in public schools in Bloomington, Indiana, for eleven years, she received both her master's and doctoral degrees in curriculum studies and math education from Indiana University. Dr. Goral taught in higher education for twelve years and is currently an educational consultant. She is the educational director of Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction, a regional teacher training in Louisville, KY and also oversees the Waldorf-inspired Project, a grant-funded program that supports public school teachers in the Louisville area who use methods inspired by Rudolf Steiner in their classrooms. Dr. Goral’s book, Transformational Teaching: Waldorf-inspired Methods in the Public School, tells the story of the teachers in Louisville who use these methods with their public school students. Dr. Goral has served on the board of trustees of Rudolf Steiner College and is currently a founding member of Green Meadows Charter School, a Waldorf-inspired initiative located in Bloomington. She lives in Brown County, Indiana, with her husband, children, and pets.

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