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Martin Niemeijer


Martin Niemeijer, MD (b.1947), has worked as a doctor for children with developmental problems in various settings for thirty-five years. He practiced in clinical and outpatient settings among others at the Zonnehuizen (Zeist, Netherlands) and at the Hague Childhood and Adolescent Therapeuticum. In 1981, he co-founded and became the chair of the Netherlands Association of Physicians for the Mentally Handicapped. Since 1995 he has conducted scientific research in his field of expertise, initially at the Louis Bolk Institute, later for the Alliance for Curative Education, both in the Netherlands. Since 2005, he is a researcher at the Lectorate for Anthroposophic Healthcare at the Leiden University College in the Netherlands. Martin has also been a teacher for many years. In 2015 he became a member of the Bolk's Companions Group. Various scientific publications have appeared from his hand in various journals, as well as books about children with developmental disorders and on additional medical, pedagogical, and psychological assessment methods for the work with these children.

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Good Care

Ethics and Methodology: An Anthroposophical Approach to Child and Youth Psychiatry and Care of Persons with Developmental Disabilities