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Matthias Thun


Matthias Thun achieved an MA in beekeeping in 1966 and has been a beekeeper for more than fifty years. The son of Maria Thun, the biodynamic pioneer, Matthias continues his mother's research into the effects of the moon, planets, and stars on biodynamic agriculture and methods and has lectured on beekeeping at international biodynamic conferences and training seminars. He is the author of Biodynamic Beekeeping: A Sustainable Way to Keep Happy, Healthy Bees (2020) and produces the annual biodynamic guides Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar and When Wine Tastes Best.

Author's Books


Biodynamic Beekeeping

A Sustainable Way to Keep Happy, Healthy Bees

Matthias Thun
Foreword by David Heaf
Translated by David Heaf