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Evolution in Action

April 2011
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  • Publisher
    Adonis Press
  • Published
    1st April 2011
  • ISBN 9780932776396
  • Language English
  • Pages 324 pp.
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Metamorphosis is the result of a lifetime of biological research seeking to penetrate through the phenomena to the formative principles that have shaped them. Following Goethe’s participatory method, and drawing on his observations on a number of continents, Andreas Suchantke shows how the development and evolution of plants and animals can be understood in terms of metamorphosis. Through his eyes, we come to see evolution as a dynamic process that unfolds on a far more fundamental level than Darwin’s natural selection. In the age of stem-cell research, Suchantke’s insights into the formation of organisms as integrated wholes offer a much-needed complement to the findings of conventional genetics and microbiology.

Beautifully illustrated by the author’s drawings and color photographs. This masterly work offers a rich, dynamic and deeply meaningful understanding of organic life.

“I actually bought the book (Metamorphosis) about a year ago. When I saw how big it was, it seemed beyond my powers. I gave it as a present to the biology teacher at Summerfield W. Sch. I felt bad that something so rich in insight wasn't available when I was younger and would have been able to read it. Last Christmas I unwittingly bought it again. Shortly thereafter, completely out of the blue, I had a heart attack. (Sorry to say.) Now, at least, recovering, I have lots of time to read Metamorphosis. ... It is fantastic! I am filled with such an interest in the natural world! Every ant, lady bug, leaf, etc. fills me with interest and joy! The beginning of healing the earth has to be our interest in her. I know of no better teacher than this book....

“I just wanted to share this with you. I have been telling many people how special this book is. This book is truly an "eye opener"!”

— Roger Lundberg

C O N T E N T S:

About the Author and this Book
Introduction: Metamorphosis—Evolution in Action

1. Archetype and Evolution—a Contradiction? Understanding Metamorphosis
2. An Example of Metamorphosis: Goethe's Idea of the Vertebral Nature of the Cranial Bones
3. "From top to bottom the plant is all leaf." Formative Tendencies in the Domain of the Leaf
4. The Blossom
5. Interim Summary: Metamorphoses—the Key to Understanding the Nature of Life
6. The Various Forms of Metamorphosis in the Plant Kingdom
7. Polarity and Threefold Organization: The Dynamics of Metamorphosis
8. Polarity and Threefold Structure in the Animal Kingdom
9. The Archetype in Action—Vacillation between the Inner and the Outer
10. The All-pervasive Endoskeleton
11. The Fate of Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton in the Further Course of Evolution

Notes and References

Andreas Suchantke

Andreas Suchantke was born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1933. He was trained in zoology and botany at the universities of Munich and Basel and taught natural sciences for nineteen years in the Waldorf school in Zurich. He has worked extensively in Waldorf teacher training programs around the world. Andreas Suchantke describes himself as a "freelance ecologist," and works especially in Israel in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature.