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Tuning Your Being through Movement

January 2023
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  • Publisher
    Wynstones Press
  • Published
    3rd January 2023
  • ISBN 9780946206964
  • Language English
  • Pages 60 pp.
  • Size 12" x 8"

In 1922 as he arrived to teach at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Germany, Count Friedrich von Bothmer developed a series of thirty exercises that trace and enhance the developing movement faculties of growing human beings.

David Newbatt’s colorful, energetic drawings reveal the dynamism and life of the active space surrounding a human being in movement. Newbatt worked with Bothmer Movement practitioners to create his exciting, groundbreaking images. They do not cover all of Bothmer’s work and are not intended as instructional aids. Rather, they constitute an artistic endeavor that indicates the invisible movement forces at work around us as human beings.

Includes 50 color drawings

Martin Baker

Martin Baker ​has taught gymnastics, sports and movement for more than 30 years at a Steiner Waldorf School. He is one of the leading experts of Bothmer Movement International and he has been teaching teachers since 1990. He founded courses throughout Europe and Asia and continues to teach children and adults.

Tom Watson

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