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Jonathan's Journey

December 2012
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  • Published
    1st December 2012
  • ISBN 9781621480143
  • Language English
  • Pages 32 pp.
  • Size 8.75" x 11.25"
  • Images Color

"Listen, now, and be quite still.
The stars are singing over the hill.
One shines for you on this clear night.
Open your heart and let in the light."

It has been snowing all day, and now it is Christmas Eve. But Jonathan James is sick in bed, with a most uncomfortable stuffed-up head. Just as he is closing his sleepy eyes, a little dwarf comes sliding down his bedroom curtain and invites him to the Inside Land, where he meets Father Christmas, who has a message for Jonathan. Father Christmas also makes a promise to Squirrel, Rabbit, Bird, and Mouse, who cannot find any food in the snowy woods.

When Jonathan awakes on Christmas morning, he is all better, and he finds a shiny new sled at the foot of his bed. But he thinks there is something that he should do before he goes out to play in the snow.

"He thought and he thought. Was it back by the trees?
Last night the stars sang. Or was it a breeze?

Jonathan remembers the hungry animals out in the snow and fills his new sled with nuts, seeds, carrots, and all sorts of good things for them to eat. Even the chickens have grain to spare."

This enchanting holiday story is a special bedtime tale to read to young children during the Christmas season.

(Ages 3 to 7 years)

Elizabeth L. Lombardi

Elizabeth L. Lombardi is an art teacher of many years' experience. She has taught in the Waldorf schools of Garden City, New York; Princeton, New Jersey; and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She also taught at College of New Jersey in Trenton and at Mercer County Community College. She has been president of the Garden State Watercolor Society and has won awards in numerous state and national watercolor shows. She is is a member of Phoenix Arts Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the arts and their role in human development.