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Carl Larsson's Home, Family and Farm

Paintings from the Swedish Arts and Crafts Movement

Carl Larsson
Edited and translated by Polly Lawson
May 2014
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    1st May 2014
  • ISBN 9781782500476
  • Language English
  • Pages 96 pp.
  • Size 11.9" x 8.4"
  • Images 58

  • Stunning watercolor paintings by one of Sweden's best-loved artists
  • Fascinating insight into Swedish rural and artistic life in the late nineteenth century
  • Accompanied by an explanatory text giving more detail about his life and techniques

Carl Larsson is one of Sweden's best-loved artists. His stunning watercolors of his home and family from the end of the nineteenth century are acclaimed as one of the richest records of life at that time.

The paintings in this book are a combined collection which depict Larsson's family—his wife Karin and their eight children—his home in the village of Sundborn, and his farm, Spadarvet. The accompanying text provides a fascinating insight into Larsson family and farm life, and his painting techniques.

Today, over 60,000 tourists a year visit Sundborn to admire Larsson's home and work.

Previously published as three separate volumes: A Home; A Family; and A Farm.

Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson (1853–1919) was born into a poor family in Stockholm, Sweden. He was accepted at the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts at the age of thirteen and spent several years working as a newspaper and magazine illustrator. He moved to Paris, where, as a penniless artist, he met his wife Karin, also an artist. In 1888, they moved back to Sundborn in Sweden. Carl Larsson is best known for his lovely watercolor paintings of his home and family which were popularized through a series of books.