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Anthroposophic Medicine for all the Family

Recognizing and Treating the Most Common Disorders

July 2017
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  • Publisher
    Rudolf Steiner Press
  • Published
    7th July 2017
  • ISBN 9781855845343
  • Pages 334 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9.25"

This invaluable book not only provides practical suggestions and advice regarding common medical issues and ailments, but also presents the fundamental principles of anthroposophic medicine. It explains the underlying picture of disorders in the human organism and the therapeutic approach of anthroposophic medical practice, giving answers to the questions that, in an ideal world, a patient would like to discuss at length with his or her doctor. 

Anthroposophic Medicine for all the Family illustrates some of the key remedies and procedures used in the treatment of common ailments as diverse as influenza, asthma, menstrual pain, sunburn, hypertension, and childhood illnesses. It provides support for anyone seeking to improve their health whilst involving the reader in a conscious process of healing and self-development.

Sergio Maria Francardo

SERGIO MARIA FRANCARDO has worked as an anthroposophic doctor in Milan, Italy, since 1980. He is a member of the Technical-Scientific Committee on Complementary Medicine in the Region of Lombardy and the author of numerous articles and conference contributions on anthroposophic medicine and the importance of diet in the prevention of disorders.