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Hawthorn Press Early Years Series

Becoming a Family

The First Three Years

September 2013
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  • Publisher
    Hawthorn Press
  • Published
    19th September 2013
  • ISBN 9781907359279
  • Language English
  • Pages 216 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

Becoming a Family explores the first three intense and joyful years of the family journey. Raising children is a lifelong journey and is never as imagined. It is also a profound personal journey—parents need to trust their own inner sense as a guide for health and truth. After all, mothers and fathers have been raising children successfully long before childcare experts came along.

Babies arrive “trailing clouds of glory,” creating a profound spiritual and human presence. Margaret Shaw explores how babies can be welcomed onto Earth with warmth, love, insight, joy, rhythm, structure, and sensitive care, which helps lay healthy physical, psychological, and spiritual foundations for life. Becoming a Family follows the incarnation process of the child, starting before conception and going through the first three years of the family, up to the third birthday.

“Becoming a Family Becoming a Family is a helpful companion to intending family makers and parents.... The message of this book is the need for the young family to have a safe place, a place of containment, warmth and rhythm.” —Margie Bruvel, Protea

Margaret Shaw

Margaret Shaw was a mother, a Dr. Hauschka rhythmical masseuse, author, and childbirth and parenting educator. A qualified working physiotherapist, she pioneered training for couples for child birth and trained childbirth educators. In later years she coached families of children with learning difficulties and worked in healing massage.