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An Electronic Silent Spring

Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits

April 2014
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  • Publisher
    Portal Books
  • Published
    15th April 2014
  • ISBN 9781938685088
  • Language English
  • Pages 310 pp.

Over millions of years, living creatures have evolved in relation to the Earth's electromagnetic energy. Now, we're surrounded by human-made frequencies that challenge our health and survival. An Electronic Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This pioneering book is for anyone concerned about the health of the environment and the people and other creatures that inhabit it.

Katie Singer

KATIE SINGER presented her concerns about the Internet's footprint at the United Nations' 2018 Forums on Science, Technology & Innovation and Sustainable Development. An international speaker, her books include An Electronic Silent Spring (available in Korean), Honoring Our Cycles, The Garden of Fertility and The Wholeness of a Broken Heart A consultant with the EMR Policy Institute, she speaks internationally.