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Norman Skillen


Norman Skillen was born in Belfast in 1950, and grew up in the nearby town of Holywood. He has a degree in ecology, but has mostly been involved in the arts, first in Waldorf teacher training in Germany, and then as a drama teacher at Constantia Waldorf School in Cape Town. He is also something of a singer, actor, storyteller and has worked extensively as a translator. Inspiration comes from nature, and from exploring its relation to imagination. Jazz will also hit the spot. Contributing author to the Life Righting Collective’s anthology This Is How It Is: True Stories from South Africa.

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Author's Books

Rainbows, Halos, Dawn and Dusk

The Appearance of Color in the Atmosphere and Goethe's Theory of Colors


Language Teaching in Steiner-Waldorf Schools

Insights from Rudolf Steiner

Johannes Kiersch
Contributions by Norman Skillen
Translated by Norman Skillen


Evolution in Action