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Ross Rentea, MD


Ross Rentea, MD, is a practicing physician of anthroposophic medicine. He graduated from the University of Chicago School of Medicine, Illinois, and, after his internship, spent five years in Europe studying anthroposophic and complementary medicines. He has been active in family practice for more than twenty-five years. With his wife Andrea Rentea, MD, Dr. Rentea created the Paulina Medical Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, which has evolved into a thriving practice. He is a board member of the American College of Anthroposophical Medicine and is board certified in Anthroposophic Medicine. Dr. Rentea’s other activities include giving numerous lectures, as well as training seminars and workshops for professional and lay groups. Moreover, he has published a number of articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. He has a longstanding interest in researching and creating natural supplements and medicines, and is cofounder and head of the research and development department of True Botanica,™ L.L.C., a company that offers nutritional and anthroposophic supplements. He lives with his wife and four children in Chicago.

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