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Jochen Bockemühl


Jochen Bockemühl was born in 1928 in Dresden. He studied zoology, botany, chemistry, and geology and, since 1956, has been a coworker at the Research Institut at the Goetheanum. From 1970 to 1996, he was director of the Natural Science Section, and since 1980 he has led seminars on landscape in Europe and elsewhere. His english publications include: In Partnership With Nature, Dying Forests, Toward a Phenomenology of the Etheric World, and Awakening to Landscape.

Author's Books

Toward a Phenomenology of the Etheric World

Investigations into the Life of Nature and Man

Introduction by Jochen Bockemühl
Edited by Jochen Bockemühl
Preface by Arthur Zajonc