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Abraham Entin


Abraham Entin is a singer, songwriter, rand storyteller who dances at every opportunity. He is a long-time student of Rudolf Steiner's social ideas and is particularly interested in how spiritual perspectives influence and help bring about positive social change. Following the events described in this memoir, Abraham and his wife Rachael Flug went on to create Diaperaps, Ltd., a business that helps revitalize cloth diapering for the benefit of babies and the environment. He founded the Sonoma County affiliate of Move to Amend and has written extensively on corporate personhood, money, and debt. He is very proud to have received a certificate of appreciation from Occupy Santa Rosa for his “tireless support of the Occupy Movement and his work to end corporate greed and corruption.” Rachael and Abraham live an hour north of San Francisco in western Sonoma County. They have three wonderful adult children and two fabulous grandchildren, all of whom bring great joy to their lives. At seventy-three, Abraham is still out rousing the rabble.

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