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Barbara Renold


Barbara Renold is a speech artist, teacher, and theater director. After completing her training in Speech and Drama in 1981at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, she deepened her speech studies at the Harkness Studio in Sydney, Australia. As a Speech Arts teacher at Sunbridge College (1983–2007), she developed a lively curriculum for Waldorf early childhood and grades teachers, as well as for students in the teacher-training course. She also directed community theater productions, Shakespeare plays, and the Oberufer Christmas plays. In 1987, she began directing Rudolf Steiner's epic Mystery Dramas, a lifelong passion that culminated in the 2014 Spring Valley Conference, when all four Mystery dramas were shown in the same week in English for the first time. She teaches speech arts at the Spring Valley Eurythmy School, The Christian Community seminary, and the Steiner School of Speech Arts. She is an alumna of the Kimberton Waldorf School.

Author's Books

Four Mystery Dramas

The Portal of Initiation - The Soul's Probation - The Guardian of the Threshold - The Souls' Awakening (CW 14)

Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Barbara Renold and Hans Pusch
Translated by Hans Pusch and Ruth Pusch