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Marguerite Lundgren


Marguerite Lundgren (1916–1983), was born in London. She was able to attend the Michael Hall school, which stimulated her interest in eurythmy. She went on to study with Lieselotte Mann in England. In 1946, following her training, she joined the stage group at the Goetheanum, where her originality and talent were quickly spotted by the troupe leader, Marie Savitch. In 1948, she was asked to return to England to take over the eurythmy school of Vera and Judy Compton-Burnett, where she worked closely with Owen Barfield and Cecil Harwood, whom she married in 1953.During final years of her life brought the death of her husband, from which she never recovered, and her eurythmy school moved from London to East Grinstead in Sussex.

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