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Martina Maria Sam


Martina Maria Sam, born in Hornbach, Germany, worked as a eurythmist on the Goetheanum stage, studied German and art history in Basel, did her doctorate on Faust in Zürich, and worked as an editor in the Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner. After leading the Section for Fine Arts at the Goetheanum for 15 years, she is active today in editing Rudolf Steiner's letters and with Stefan Hasler in the Eurythmy Research Centre and researching the biography of Rudolf Steiner.

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Author's Books

The Challenge of Spiritual Language

Rudolf Steiner’s Linguistic Style


Heart Thinking

Inspired Knowledge

Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Martina Maria Sam
Edited by Martina Maria Sam
Translated by Matthew Barton

Strengthening the Will

The “Review Exercises”