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In Search of Ethical Leadership

If not now, when?

November 2003
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    1st November 2003
  • ISBN 9780880105323
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  • Pages 192 pp.

Recently, a chasm has opened between many of our leaders and those who work for them. We have witnessed the sacrifices of airline workers and the unconscionable compensation of top executives; the ideals of Olympic Games and the conduct of certain committee members; the sacrament of religion and the priests who abused the sanctity of the human body; the needed services of United Way and their extravagant executive “perks”; and hopes for a democratically fair system versus the 2000 presidential election.

The values of hard work, inalienable rights, fairness and public service held by most Americans is often lacking in our leaders. An ethical chasm has opened up in our midst, and unless we do something, our future will fall victim to our inadequacies. Our standing in the world in years to come will depend less on our military might, and more on our moral strength.

We need to begin a united search for ethical leadership. As we take Torin’s journey of discovery with him, we see the roots of this loss of ethical leadership and begin to understand that there is a way out of this situation—by applying the spiritual principles of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. In Search for Ethical Leadership is grounded with practical tools that offer us real hope for the future of ethical leadership.

“...if one wish could be granted me on behalf of school renewal, I would ask for significant improvement in the quality of sleep afforded to parents and teachers. No other change has the potential to do more good than simply eliminating the state of chronic exhaustion found by the end of the week in most schools.... Torin Finser understands what it’s like to deeply care about the education of our children. His message will be a healing balm for those open to his wise and practical counsel. I want to rush out and buy a copy of this book for every teacher and parent I know.” —Eric Utne, founder of Utne Reader

“Extremely accessible, down to earth, and full of very important insights. I highly recommend this book.” —Dave Alsop, former chair of AWSNA

“Splendid...not just teachers, but parents, students, and just plain stressed-out citizens would benefit from the wisdom, information, and insight Finser offers.” —Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child and Evolution’s End 

“Wise guidance for those of us who want to be good stewards of our children and the schools that serve them.” — Parker J. Palmer, author of The Courage to Teach and Let Your Life Speak 

“An exciting and refreshing book for parents and his clear and concise writing, Torin has shown us how to bring common sense back to our schools.” —Jim Grant, Executive Director, Staff Development for Educators

“For Finser, school renewal is about self-development...the suggestions offered here contribute to new ways of thinking about education and personal growth. Highly recommended for school administrators, teachers, community groups, and parents.” —Library Journal

“Shows that a healthy school community is one that is able to recognize and work with the problems that can mar even the most liberal and creative educational systems: burnout, stress, and interpersonal conflict.” —NAPRA Review  

C O N T E N T S:

The Leadership Challenge
Children & Ethical Leadership
Character Development
Historical Considerations
Practical Aspects
Inner Dimensions, or Ethics of the Heart & Soul
Sun and Moon
The Templars
The Hidden Temple

Torin M. Finser

Torin M. Finser, PhD,has served Waldorf education for more than four decades, first as a class teacher and later as the Director and faculty member of the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch Uni-versity New England. A former General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America, he also helped found the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. His research and writ-ings have reached people all over the world, including several books that have been translated into multiple languages. Torin has served as a consultant, workshop leader, and keynote speaker at numerous conferences. He is married to Karine, has six children, and is also now a very happy grandfather!