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Healthy Medicine

A Guide to the Emergence of Sensible, Comprehensive Care

May 2005
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  • Publisher
    Bell Pond Books
  • Published
    1st May 2005
  • ISBN 9780880105606
  • Language English
  • Pages 400 pp.

“We need changes in our attitudes, our understanding of illness, our acceptance of non-allopathic practitioners, the economics of how we pay for health care, and our entire professional medical-legal system in which medical boards often act within the law to protect and defend the guild of conventional medicine under the guise of ‘scientific proof.’... I present a template that combines economics, psychology, medicine, physiology, and mythology. It can serve as support and guidance for making the changes necessary for a new model of medicine in the twenty-first century.” —Dr. Robert J. Zieve

Dr. Zieve presents a new paradigm for health care that shows us how to go beyond the limitations and severe deficiencies of our current sickness care system. It embraces and synthesizes the emerging models of integrative medicine, energy medicine, and energy psychology into an effective and affordable approach to healing for everyone.

This guide is for both those wish to provide a more complete form of health care for their patients and also for those individuals who are prepared to make the necessary changes in daily life in order to initiate or maintain a movement toward healing. This includes understanding the daily disciplines of a healing process, the deeper psychological processes of illness, and the creative arts in their therapeutic roles.

Healthy Medicine is a condensed and incredibly useful guidebook to this complex experience of living in a human body! Dr. Zieve doesn't shrink from the monumental task of exploring human experience, current systems of healthcare, and a vast array of carefully researched alternatives and options for healing. And he does this with balanced and clear thinking.

He offers personal experience and observations with humility and candor. For the reader who has worked in the medical field, his descriptions and analysis of our current healthcare (sickness care) system will be refreshing and challenging with their penetrating insights. He is the most disarming and credible when sharing his personal journey as a healer. As a result of this, when he invites the reader to look inside their own life and relationship to health, there will likely be receptiveness to some tough and sobering concepts. Dr. Zieve is not content until his vision for the future is articulated, both for necessary individual transformation and the resulting "Healthy Medicine"—and this is where he truly shines as a visionary.

Originally self-published, Healthy Medicine the book is now available as a paperback book form Bell Pond Books. The book contains 20 chapters organized with many sub-headings, and not very many graphics or illustrations of any kind. This book will take its place on your shelf as a valuable reference book with its detailed descriptions of many diagnostic and theraputic modalities in emerging disciplines.

Dr. Zieve's passion for healthy living and his invitation to confront the most difficult element—daily practices for health—make this book a must-have for anyone who is committed to finding a personal path to health.

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
Foreword by James Oschman, PhD

PART I: Failing Health Care versus an Economy of Healing

1. Health Care USA
2. The Health Insurance Crisis
3. Cultural Decay and Illness
4. The Illness of the Medical Profession
5. The Three Phases of the Medical Institution
6. The Soul and Medicine
7. The Eminent Place of Health Care
8. Seven Principles for Health Care Reform
9. Health Care Reform for the Elderly
10. Toward an Economy of Healing

PART II: Comprehensive Medicine

11. 21st Century Medicine
12. Comprehensive Medicine Assessment and Testing Methods
13. Comprehensive Medicine Therapies

PART III: Why We Become Ill and How We Can Heal

14. Underlying Causes of Illness
15. Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Now
16. Creating a Foundation for Wellness

PART IV: Illness and the Psyche

17. The Psychology of Illness
18. Freeing the Imprisoned Psyche
19. Cycles and Rhythms
20. The Creative Arts and Healing

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Robert J. Zieve, MD

Robert J. Zieve, MD, graduated from the Ohio State University College of Medicine and studied homeopathic medicine, anthroposophical medicine, and Neural Therapy. He is an author, lecturer, and practitioner of comprehensive medicine, homeopathy, European biological medicine, anthroposophic medicine, neural therapy, nutrition, and energy medicine. Dr. Zieve is the Supervising Physician at EuroMed Foundation Integrative Cancer Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and has a private practice in Prescott. He is also the medical consultant for Healthy Medicine Academy. His books include Healthy Medicine: A Guide to the Emergence of Sensible, Comprehensive Care (2005) and Beyond the Medical Meltdown: Working together for Sustainable Health Care (2006), both published by Bell Pond Books.